10 motivation Lessons We Can Learn from Natural Disasters

10 Inspiring Lessons We Can Learn from Natural Disasters
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 In a collapsed world, natural disasters strike, kill thousands or destroy the homes of millions. And we can't do anything to stop them, but we can reduce their impact.

While some of us are still singing sad and lost songs, others are trying to peacefully establish a sanctuary in those sad days.

What can we learn from disasters? continue reading. 

1 Prayer can also comfort unbelievers.

It is not easy to believe in God before faith becomes your only hope. We are all human and gaining divine power is a way that enables us to endure another violent storm.

Believe it or not, we all need to shine in the dark in the form of sincere prayer to remove all fear. We all should have a glimpse of hope and hope only appears when we are humble and accept that we can control ourselves forever.

2. Sometimes you do not get the correct answer.

"Why?" This is the biggest problem that remains unresolved after a disaster. Everyone lost something, someone lost their life and kept asking themselves what to do to deserve this cruel fate. Some people kept trying to find answers. 

You can hold to answer these questions, but will not let them get in the way. No matter how difficult and painful the first step is, t’s important that you keep moving, breathing, and living. One day, you will find your way.

3 . Even strangers can teach you compassion.

Some philosophers believe that people are naturally selfish, that is, they prefer their own comfort and safety, even if it means being deprived of harm and personal rights.

There will be billions of people like them in the world but this is not a reason to lose human hope. Still kindly, waiting to find out. You will find them all in unexpected places, even in the waste left by the disaster.

4. Your money won’t matter in the end

Most people worship wealth because it can bring comfort and convenience to the carrier. Although it is an important tool to keep the material world alive, it cannot save us from death.

In the final analysis, how much you love, how much you live, and how you can help make the world a better place is important.

5 . Death is the memory of appreciating life.

If you know that you have not lived your whole life, you must live by your dreams and ideals to avoid death. A happy and contented life for your loved one.

Death may end our physical existence, but the memories of our karma, actions, our love, and passion will be remembered forever.

4 . Family is everything.

Sometimes life can be unfair, but as long as you love your life from the day you are born, it is worth enduring.

However, sometimes we forget to love these special people, our family, just because we are busy in life. Too often, we take them away because we think they always exist, we are finally waiting to find the time - to people's empty houses, to an abandoned and forgotten place

7  . You must help yourself before helping others.

There is no way to save the lives of others without equal mercy. To have a good life and to be a good person is not selfish to start helping others do the same. If you are still empty, you cannot add water to another cup.

If you want to help change your life, please work hard to stimulate your own passions, dreams, or aspirations. Encourage them to follow their own path and remind them to give back. Spread this love and make the world a better place.

8. Love and spend every day.

Don’t waste your life on every wrong decision, don’t get frustrated; You should not be angry with the world, live a life of unbearable resentment and despair, and not curse in heaven for what you have not been given.

Life is short, it has all kinds of flaws and it is very valuable. But to love from the heart and to work hard to love. The way of life is like an opportunity to be happy. Celebrate friendship, join romance,

 and indulge in the sexy scent of love. Just live dude live. 

9. You should not suffer forever - you can become a survivor.

Of course, reality can be cruel and inefficient, but that doesn’t mean we have to blame ourselves and feel like we are the victims. You have to try and be enthusiastic; We have to stand up and stand up against what we have to do because we don’t live in a fantasy world, we won’t be free from books. We are human beings and we know very well that today's reality is not perfect. Not everyone will have an end or an interesting story, but we can always decide how the end is written.

Don't fall prey to helplessness and insecurity, be victorious and fearless.

10. After all, there is always a man who faces the world.

Therefore, regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, social status, or even political opinion, we should all love one another. The end of the world is not conducive to those who refuse to believe in one's religious beliefs or who see them as taller, richer, or more "outspoken."

At the end of it all, we must fight the same battle and defeat the same enemy in life as individuals, brothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues.

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