10 Signs You Are the Selfish One in Your Relationship


10 Signs You Are the Selfish One in Your Relationship
10 Signs You Are the Selfish One in Your Relationship

Maintaining a romantic relationship is a wonderful experience. However, sometimes, consciously or unknowingly, we become selfish in a relationship. While it is not always a bad thing to put your own needs first, if you are always selfish in a relationship, it can be disastrous and hurt your partner.

For a healthy, loving, and mature relationship, you and your partner need to think about each other's feelings. When it comes to relationships, empathy goes with love and selfishness has consequences. You first need to know if you are selfish, and then work on yourself to really make the relationship flourish. There are
10 Signs You Are the Selfish One in Your Relationship


1.     If it's not your way, it's the highway 

Whenever you and your partner have a discussion, it turns out that your decision is the final one. You even let your partner give up their happiness, let them give up the dispute. If there is no alternative, you will hesitate to threaten or stick to it.

In the long run, this behavior can cause dissatisfaction with the partner, leading to the termination of the relationship. If you are accustomed to always bite the bullet if you always have the habit of having the last word and throwing a fit. If things don't always go your way, then this is one of those signs that you are selfish.

2. You "think" that you are always right

One of the hallmarks of self-attracted people is that they think they will never be wrong. They feel that they are superior and are confused by others who think they are dissatisfied. They will actually try to prove that they are always right. Does it sound a bit like you?

If you misplace your superiority, this is one of the signs of your selfishness in love. It is okay to put your ego aside and accept the feeling of being wrong sometimes.

3. You never value your partner's opinion

You want preferential treatment in your relationships; because you feel that you are the most important. Later, your opinion will be taken seriously, which is very important — because you’re significant others have no position.

Sometimes, you may feel that it is not worth taking the opinion of your partner. This is a clear sign of selfishness in a relationship. If you feel that your partner is important to your life and want to have a healthy relationship, then their thoughts, opinions, opinions, and feelings should be important to you.

4. You usually partner with your spouse

Another sign of your selfishness in a relationship is ensuring that you meet your needs while being a partner. Internal travel is a clear sign of mental psychosis and coercion. You will use your strategy to try to convince your partner not to work your way up.

However, to protect your spouse from guilt, you can change the way you do things.

This is not only detrimental to the relationship but also detrimental to your partner, as internal tripping is also a form of passive aggression.

5. You focus on 'winning' the argument

Anything to win! We go to any length to win the argument because winning is all that matters to a selfish person. It does not matter if it harms your significant other. Losing logic is a sign of weakness for us and our ego gives us a chance to fight it.

In fact, if you look closely, you will see that you prefer not to lose an argument anywhere and go out than prove it wrong. Very selfish

6. Your partner always apologizes after the conflict

All couples have quarrels, but if you look for signs of selfishness you will realize that a selfish spouse can apologize even if it is not his fault. You always have a tendency to defend yourself and in the end, you completely prove your partner wrong.

You are emotionally spying on the thought that you think they are wrong and it is very difficult to swallow your confidence and you are always blaming each other. Of course, happy couples also fight, but they will make up.

If you don’t remember that you are sorry after the last struggle, it means that you are selfish in your relationship.


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7. You are always trying to be in control

It’s not just your life that you control, you dominate everything over it, you do the same with your partner’s life. Because you are about to dominate power, you think that whatever you decide is the best thing.

If you have total control weird, you are selfish in your relationship.

8. Your needs always come first

The characteristic of your selfishness is when you believe that your needs and the needs of everyone else are over. You feel like no one is going through a difficult situation without you. And that's why your needs must be met first. So much so that your spouse began to put his or her own needs above all else.

He, my friend, is another powerful indicator of selfishness in a relationship and the characteristics of a self-absorbed person.

9. You are competing with your partner

You are competing with your partner and you are also expecting them to sacrifice health for helping you "win", which is definitely one of your selfish traits.

Although it’s great to have competition in a world where the mantra revolves around “survival fitness”, competing with your own spouse or paving the way for him or her or paving the way for the future.

10. You have questions of faith

You are selfish, you know. You can't trust your partner for your own happiness, because you believe that only you can enjoy it. You will never give up on a 100% relationship and you think the other person will do the same. Therefore, your relationship will not last long.

The unexpected existence of a major trust issue is a feature of self-exploitation in love. However, you need to know that there are selfish consequences in a relationship.

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