11 types of friends you should find and keep

How do you know what friends to keep
How do you know what friends to keep?

Find and keep a friend who always works well for you, even if you accidentally hurt him sometimes. A patient shows you gestures of harmony, even if you are angry with him or her and you are not on speaking terms.

1. Always keep communication open.

People who build a wall that separates the two of you, people who will not destroy the communication or communication methods that keep your friendship alive, even if you both feel sorry, you will not stop taking care of yourself and raise your hand to help.


2. Take care of family and friends.


 Find and keep friends who cares about your family and loved ones. Don't feel insecure or jealous of people who share your love, such as your romantic spouse, family, friends and other relatives; Respect not only those who do not compete but work with your loved ones, but also your relatives.


3. Mature enough.

Find and take care of a friend who is angry or unhappy about trivial things A person is mature enough to prioritize more important things, such as maintaining a friendship he has built over the years, rather than adapting to her or his own situation. And pride. Not just peace, but worry.

4. Humble

One who is humble enough to admit his mistakes and boldly apologizes to you instead of blaming you.

5. Forgives you.

When you apologize, someone forgives you and does not keep a record of your past mistakes. Find and keep a friend who does not judge you, but understands you. Someone who accepts you for who you really are.

Someone who understands your flaws and helps you overcome them so that you can develop a better person. Someone who does not force you to change the person you do not want to, but instead motivates you to change yourself and become a better person.


6. Not self-declared.

Find and keep a friend who is curious about you. If you want to hear your story, just tell yourself. People who share the spotlight with you are not just confused.

7. Never betray yourself.

You should not find your friends and betray them find and keep a friend who can tell you secrets and trust you. You know how good you are It's not easy to trust others' assessments of you because she knows you better than they do. Anyone who tells her or her secrets with confidence and trusts you as a faithful friend

There are not only people who are friendly and helpful to you but also people who have faith and trust in you.


8. Glad to receive.

Find and keep a friend who gives you gifts and appreciates the gifts you give her or her

Someone who helped you and asked you for help because he or she is up to you. Someone who treats you like a trusted friend.


9. Which will not leave you in a difficult situation.

Friends, in times of prosperity and those who celebrate with you, people, should find you and stand behind them, and when you are weak, success becomes your support and strength.

Someone next door to you when you need him or her the most.


10. Kind.

Friends you should find and be kind

Find and keep a friend who is sympathetic and sympathetic and kind and a friend - who not only feels your pain and sorrow but does something to get rid of it. A person who not only cries for you but washes your tears and gives comfort to your heart.

11. Your care

You need to find friends and take care of them, constantly find and keep a friend who cares for you. A person who gives us not only material things but more importantly spiritual things like his patience, respect, humility, faith, kindness, honesty, compassion, and understanding.

Someone who nurtures you with love.

Someone who brings you closer to God.

A person who leads us to the path of eternal life.

Someone who wants to keep your friendship alive.

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