What Is A Toxic Relationship? signs , types, warnings

What Is A Toxic Relationship? signs , types, warnings
What Is A Toxic Relationship? signs, types, warnings 

Love relationships cannot always be roses. But do not remove the thorn bushes. People are often told that it takes hard work to sustain a relationship. Tough patches and fights are part of love. While all of this is true, we often do not know when battles and arguments turn into warnings of a toxic relationship.

In a healthy relationship, if there are lows, there are highs too. If there are quarrels and arguments, there is also joy and intimacy. This is what separates them from unhealthy relationships. Therefore, if your relationship feels tired instead of exciting, you need to sit down and look at the negative effects of the relationship.

There will always be signs of love, you just need to know how to be aware of red flags and relationship breakers. Sometimes there are subtle signs that harmful relationships exist, such as when someone uses noggings to control you. But first, let's talk about what is a harmful relationship.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship can be defined as a relationship characterized by constant conflict, disrespect, and lack of harmony. The poisoned partner earnestly tries to control the lives of each other and their relatives. This leads to conflict and a lack of mutual support.

Although all relationships have gone through turbulent and unpleasant times, there is enmity everywhere in toxic relationships. Negative moments are more than positive moments.

When healthy relationships experience good and bad, one or both partners become vulnerable to toxic behavior. However, these incidents are often fleeting and the couple found a way to improve their situation. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships are a more widespread feature than health.

Efficient handling, abuse, control, and power struggles are some common features of health. But these are not just signs of a toxic friendship, any relationship can be toxic at any time. Toxic parents can affect the lives of children, causing them distress as they grow up.

Type of toxic relationship

However, not all toxic relationships are the same. These come in various forms and in varying amounts of toxicity. Common types of relationship poisoning include:

  • Depreciation:

    In this type of relationship, a venomous partner will constantly bend or push others. Rejection of this form of relationship against health is a common example.

  • Nature:

In most toxic relationship stories, the subject of one spouse's anger or temperament becomes incapable of the other. People try to express their views, argue, or disagree with their SO because they fear another temper. Here fear is controlled and it is a complete warning sign of a toxic relationship

  • Criminal motivation:

    In this case, a loved one gains control over you by blaming you for your actions. This type of toxic control is not limited to romantic relationships only, but may also appear between friends, parents and children, and siblings.

  • Deflection:

  In a biased, hurt relationship, spouses always find ways to make their actions worse and to be responsible for their actions. Try to tell them that you are angry, sad, or sad, they will make their own tragic stories, which make you selfish and unable to express your feelings.

  • passive :

  A venomous lover, girlfriend, or partner may be very dependent on you and cannot control themselves. They can be very stubborn. No matter how big or small, the responsibility of making all decisions falls solely on us. When you make a decision, they will tell you that your decision is "wrong".

  • separate 

In a toxic relationship, one partner can never control the other. Then their mysterious absence begins to occupy the space of our thoughts. They will provide them anywhere, anytime to confuse you. You decide what they want

  • to occupy

  These unhealthy relationships are characterized by jealousy, lack of trust, constant scrutiny, and questioning.

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